The Forum login system works very badly, I have a lot of difficulty entering

With a 50 Mbit/s downlink and 10 Mbit/s uplink DSL link to my ISP here in Germany, the openSUSE Forums are responding OK – only the “normal” pauses until the openSUSE servers respond.
[HR][/HR]What I had a month or so ago was, suddenly the IP throughput dropped to a few Kbit/s – I had to power off the DSL Router and unplug/re-insert the cable to the telephone connector on the wall to force a new DSL/IP connection to my ISP when the DSL Router was powered back on again …

Maybe, you could check the data rates of your connection to the Internet …

The connection is OK.
For a few days to enter, it will also take 5 minutes , the login button is not clickable

I’m not having that problem, though sometimes it is a bit slow.

At present, I’m using firefox. What browser are you using?

I use Firefox with Adblock plus disabled in the Forum, at this moment it took two minutes to load the login page and the login is clickable, but it’s strange once inside I move easily in the forum, it’s just the login page that it’s slow

The login page does some redirects. Perhaps your connectivity to the login site (the redirect target) is having problems.