Login loop - stuck

I have been using Opensuse Leap 42.1 on a Lenovo B50 it’s been running well for months yesterday a update was reported as failed.

Today when I enter my password it loops back to the login screen without displaying any messages a continuous loop.

Pressing E during boot gives me some info and F2 invokes the command line, I’ve linked to a picture to avoid the dreaded typo.


Any help much appreciated.

Thanks All. aamcle

Have you tried

  • Boot to Recovery Mode (choose “Advanced Options” in the Grub menu)
  • Boot to an older kernel (again, a Grub menu option)

Presumably, if your image photo is showing where your system is hanging, either of the above options should have a valid vmlinuz image.

Then, you can try updating again… But this time make sure your update isn’t interrupted (plug into power?).