Login issue -- Gnome Pannel Fails to start

I am using Open SUSE 11 32 on an AMD X64 Athlon X2 box with 4 GB of ram. I used Yast to configure SUSE to log in using AD Credentials. It work over SSH etc. but when I log in using GDM it does authenticate me and log in but the Gnomw pannel fails to start with the error message:

The application “gnome-panel” attempted to change an aspect of your configuration that your system administrator or operating system vendor does not allow you to change. Some of the settings you have selected may not take effect, or may not be restored next time you use the application.

Any idea anyone?

The Details are:

No database available to save your configuration: Unable to store a value at key ‘/apps/panel/toplevels/bottom_panel_screen0/disable_movement’, as the configuration server has no writable databases. There are some common causes of this problem: 1) your configuration path file /etc/gconf/2/path doesn’t contain any databases or wasn’t found 2) somehow we mistakenly created two gconfd processes 3) your operating system is misconfigured so NFS file locking doesn’t work in your home directory or 4) your NFS client machine crashed and didn’t properly notify the server on reboot that file locks should be dropped. If you have two gconfd processes (or had two at the time the second was… <post character limit reached…>

So nobody has a clue???

I am also experiencing this same issue. I used YaST to join the machine to the domain and allow domain logins. On the first login using my domain account I received an error message, but it only listed directory names created for the user, not a specific error message. I then received the same error message regarding the gnome-panel.

The next step for me was to kill X (ctrl-alt-backspace x2) and login again. This time I received both the previous error message as well as

“Nautilus can’t be used now due to an unexpected error.”
“Nautilus can’t be used now, due to an unexpected error from Bonobo when attempting to locate the factory. Killing bonobo-activation-server and restarting Nautilus may help fix the problem.”

Unfortunately our domain policy does not allow me to use the web until I am logged in with a domain account, so I am not able to apply any updates at this time. This is a vanilla install from the OpenSUSE 11 DVD on an Artigo Pico-ITX box.

UPDATE – magically, it works fine on the SLES/SLED 10 boxes??? Dont ask me why, but is seems that OpenSUSE has broken this functionality, and as, i guess, nobody uses OpenSUSE in a DOMAIN nobody caught it?