Login error when I select meego as session type.

I installed goblin by run GoblinUI.ymp and logged out.
After I logged out, I chose meego as session type and tried to login again.
I entered correct password, but when I press enter after type password , display change to black and got some message and backed to login session again.:frowning:

On the other hand, I succeed in running MeeGo Live CD(1.0.1 build 1.4).:slight_smile:
I wrote MeeGo Live CD image on USB Flash Driver by using Win32 Disk Imager, and boot that one successfully, although it has some flaw.:frowning:

Network Settings Window is stuck in workspace and can’t move or close, so it cover other appication’s window. Internet on toolbar is broken, so I have to run FireFox in application toolbar to use internet.

I’m using Netbook based on Atom CPU and GMA.OpenSUSE installed in my netbook is installed by KDE Live CD image.

Should I Use Gnome to use Goblin, because MeeGo is using Gnome? Or… what is problem make Goblin doesn’t work?

Please help me solve those problems.:’(

(My English is little s**k. Many sentences are grammatically incorrect but please understand me English is foreign language for me and also my country was not colony of country use English.)

I succeed in running Goblin UX on openSUSE(I reinstalled openSUSE using GNOME). But I still have one problem. Networks Window is stuck on screen and cover other application’s window. Internet in toolbar is also broken like Live CD.
Check following images by click links.

<Networks Window Error>](http://oyhoon1835.blog.me/140111891450)

<Internet in toolbar Error>](http://oyhoon1835.blog.me/140111891574)

I solved ‘Nerworks Window Error’ by just kill the network-manager by using GNOME system monitor.
Second one is also little solved by just remove internet on toolbar.
But I still have one question. Where’s network manager on toolbar? It should be on toolbar just next to bluetooth.(Original MeeGo is…)

I think the issues you are having are know issues. Read some more details here: European Wafaa | News from the Goblin