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How do I login as root? I am using kde. When out logout and try to log back in, I am not given the option of logging in as root. When instead I choose the “new session” option, the screen goes blank and locks.

You should never log into a GUI as root. As a normal user become root in console window (su - note dash) or change to a terminal and logas root. bust never ever log into a GUI as root. You can start a GUI program as root using kdesu or gnomesu depending on desktop. Did I mention never log into a GUI as root???:wink:

Read this: https://en.opensuse.org/SDB%3ALogin_as_root

Which login screen/display manager?

The KDE default is SDDM in Leap, which only shows user ids higher than 1000 by default.
You can set the minimum user id to 0 in Configure Desktop->Startup and Shutdown->Login Screen (SDDM) or in /etc/sddm.conf directly, but that will display all system users.
So you probably want to hide some with the HideUsers and HideShells options then, see “man sddm.conf” and/or search the forums, there are posts about what options to set specifically.

Or switch to a different theme that allows to enter the username, or even use a different DM, kdm e.g.

Thank you.

thank you !
I use a lot of IDE and development tools that need to be run as root to access system wide resources, I’m developing some drivers and for now I need to handle them as root. The user contexts will be developed afterwards.

In LEAP I was unable to show nothing because I never though about changing the theme to access the root account in run level 5.
I developed in run level 3 but some tools were simply not accessible and that was frustrating :{

Understand that we have to warn strongly against loging in as root in a thread where this is suggested. This has not so much to do with what you do to your own system, you may throw beer in it, handle the key-board with a hammer, or login in the GUI as root (but do not ask here how to repair please).

The message is to the avarage user that reads such threads and may come to the conclusion that these are normal if not even best practises. When such a user borks his system, he must not be able to say something like: “But that was advised on the openSUSE forums!”

Will first try kdesu first… I lost my marks with this LEAP.
I understand your advices… and your concerns about the stability of our systems ^^

Have a great Christmas and I give all my best wishes for all of our free opensuse world !