Log Into Windows 10 Pro 64Bit Desktop Remotely On Tumbleweed & Display Win 10 Desktop On Tumbleweed?


Love openSUSE Tumbleweed KDE 64Bit…
…But still have a need to run Windows 10 Pro 64Bit.

Running Windows in a virtual machine won’t work - need graphic hardware acceleration.
I have a test Windows 10 Pro 64Bit desktop here on the same network as my Tumbleweed desktop.

Is there a way to log into the Windows 10 desktop from Tumbleweed desktop & show Win 10 desktop on my Tumbleweed desktop?
Not sure what the above is called so I don’t know how to search on Internet for a solution.

Let me know, thanks!


I think I found it: “VNC”:


Any recommendations for VNC between Win 10 and Tumbleweed?


Went with TeamViewer VNC:

Works fine…


Audio wasn’t working on TeamViewer…
…So I am using RealVNC now…

Windows does run with hardware in a virtual machine, just need extra hardware [gpu, monitor and keyboard]… I run a Nvidia card and SATA SSD, just need the extra card and controller, I have three nvidia and one Intel gpu in my desktop :wink:

Do you have a spare slot for a GPU card?

You could also try paravirtualisation with XEN