lock session after x time


i use 12.3 and kde 4.10
under kde, after a few minutes, session lock automatically.
i can see the lock screen, but when i move mouse, i come back to kde without entering any password.

not really secure

any idea?

Go to Configure Desktop → Display and Monitor - > Screen Locker. Change setting for “Require password after…”

i done, but on irc channel, some people said it was a kde bug.

I agree that it is odd behavior that it presents the password prompt before you actually need to type a password, but for security purposes it seems fine. Mine actually locks when it is supposed to.

I have the same issue with Gnome 3 on 12.3. It WAS working until the last round of updates I installed last week. Seems to be an issue with 12.3 that i’m finding in forums but no fix listed.