Lock screen key shortcut in 11.2?

Possibly a silly question, but here goes…

In 11.1 and below I set a key shortcut to lock the screen when I push Meta+L. However, I can’t seem to find a way to do this in 11.2. I tried the following:

  • I looked in the keyboard shortcuts settings page and didn’t see an option for screen locking
  • I tried right-clicking on the screen lock button on the panel and setting the shortcut, but that doesn’t seem to have taken effect
  • I googled and searched this forum, but no luck

The default key combo seems to be Ctrl + Alt + L, which works, but I have years of muscle memory for pressing Meta + L, so I’d like to preserve that if possible :slight_smile:



Configure Desktop, General, Keyboard & Mouse, Global Keyboard Shortcuts.
KDE Component “Run Command Interface”. Lock Session.


Thanks Uwe, must have overlooked it!

Much appreciated.


I was trying to do the same thing in 11.4, and found it in Configure Desktop > under common appearance and behavior ‘shortcuts and gesures’, then just as buck above said.