Location for Configuration file for Konsole

I have the checked the box that says Konsole should save the size and location when I quit. And, it worked… for a while. Then, I widened it to the full screen and now it won’t save the width setting on exit.

The man page says the configuration file is in ~/.profile. I don’t see settings there.

Anyone know where the file I’m looking for is located? Should I delete or edit it when I find it?


Thank you! Now, where should I have looked to find that information for myself? And, should I delete this file, will it be creat… never mind. I’ll rename it and see for myself.

It’s hidden in /home/username
I gave the full path

I edited the file using kwrite. It now works like it should. Except, if I widen the window. I have figured out what is happening. Should I report this to the kde people, or Suse? Bugzilla? This will be the first bug report I will make.

It does seem buggy
Report it here

Same login as forum
Link us to the report

I created a report at the location you suggested. It was assigned #751661

Thanks for your help.

That’s strange
I checked earlier on my eeepc and there was this problem (It’s running tumbleweed kde 4.7.2)
All my other computers use kde4.8.1 and the problem is not there.

I’m running 4.7.2 although it says Release 5.
The problem seems fixed in the newer version? They got it fixed already? I shudda just waited I guess. :slight_smile:
Wasn’t a complete waste though, I now know how and where to file a bug report!

I use a build service repo to get an updated version of kde