locateion of kde configureation files

KDE 5.76.0 Plasma 5.20.3
Qt: 5.15.2

i have 2 monitors. Where are the files that define the layout of the task bar for each screen?
I have an issue where on my left screen i cant add any virtual desktops but i have 4 in 2 rows on the right screen
I want to review the configuration files and see what i can learn there.
I am always having trouble with my monitors waking up from sleep (not system sleep - i dont use that at all)
where things are totally fubarred. Other times the wallpaper on my left screen is blank but i can fix that by a
right click and selecting “Next Wallpaper Image”
In general, dual monitors (same monitor model, nvidia proprietary driver) just doesnt work well at all.
Same was true in Leap 15.2 and Leap 15.1 and I’d like to fix it, even if i have to just restore good kde config files after boot
Sometimes using Alt-F1 and then after a few seconds Alt-F7 is enough to fix it but not always
Now i cant even add a virtual desktop to the left screen even after a reboot.

Generally, the KDE settings files are in “.config” and “.local/share” (under your home directory).

I do not have a dual monitor setup, so I don’t know the details that you are seeking.

AFAIK all are within the one configuration file:


… no matter if there are multiple physical screens or just one.

A quite complex file… if you intend to manually edit; ensure you have a backup copy first :wink:

True, and it seems to be easily corrupted.

if you intend to manually edit; ensure you have a backup copy first :wink:
That depends. If you wish to start over from scratch with the distro’s defaults, just delete it. I find myself deleting it with some frequency to recover from inexplicable corruption. I do little customization to it, so deleting and starting over only takes about a minute, not counting logging off Plasma to make the deletion and logging back on.

is part of the story, but there is no mention of the Virtual Desktops in there

If i can find all the files involved in configuring the desktop I can make copies and
just restore them when things go south