local lan problem after adsl pppoe connection

Hi everyone. I have an adsl modem configured in bridge mode. i use it to connect to internet by a pppoe connection.
I have no problem in window$ but in opensuse and maybe other linux distros when i try to connect to pppoe connection , i lost my connectivity to my local network. I can’t connect to any local addresses like…
indeed I 'm using kde network manager for establishing pppoe connection.

What’s wrong with linux?

didn’t try ever to establish PPPoE through OS (linux or windows) because all modern modems or routers can do this by themselves.
What adsl model do you have?

but if you want strictly to use OS, you can try firstly to use forum search,
for example here: https://forums.opensuse.org/english/get-technical-help-here/network-internet/453831-pppoe-through-lan-connection.html

Thanks,but i have some restrictions and want to make pppoe connection by OS.
indeed the solution you mentioned,did not work :frowning:
i 've found after establishing pppoe connection, ip address of my local ethernet (eth0) and the route table for local network are being lost.
but i don’t understand WHY??!!!

After a try and error. i found it’s a problem of kde network management.
after establishing the pppoe connection by it, the ip address of local ethernet adapter being deleted (eth0) and then it changes the route (local lan) with interface ppp0 that everyone can see it’s wrong.

I do delete this route,add the ip of local lan interface, add the right route for eth0, all by hand in console,and then both internet and local lan works fine.
I think it’s a really BIG BUGG in network manager.

Do I must report this as a bug?

phenomx64 wrote:
> What’s wrong with linux?
> but i don’t understand WHY??!!!
and finally
> Do I must report this as a bug?

Since you started out blaming linux, without even considering that it
might be your understanding at fault, I suspect you may not get many
suggestions here.

But yes, report it as a bug. If you’re right, you’ll help improve the
product. If not, you’ll at least give the devs a laugh.