Load Balancing Apache Without Hardware

I have two web servers running SUSE.

I need to load balance Apache web requests between them without the help of a third device acting as a load balancer.

So thinking to myself WEB1 would act as a Master and send half it’s requests to WEB2 if WEB2 is up. If WEB2 is down WEB1 would handle all requests. If WEB1 went down WEB2 would take over and handle all requests.

How would I achieve a setup like that?

If you look at the docs for Linux-HA, it sort of can be done with 2 servers, just, but it’s very hairy. Here’s the link to start you off.

[Linux-HA] load balancing and failover in the same server](http://lists.community.tummy.com/pipermail/linux-ha/2005-August/015829.html)