LiveCDs with Leap?

Hi all,

Live CD/DVD/USB stick images are quite useful for deployment, testing, and wowing incoming Linux users before they get sucked into Ubuntu kool-aid. Will Leap 42.1 eventually have LiveCDs like how every version of openSUSE since at least like 8.0 and Tumbleweed?

Apparently there won’t be a LiveCD.
See here e.g.:

Even 13.2 nearly didn’t have one, as they were completely broken till shortly before the release day. They were just fixed in the last minute back then.

What a shame. They’re fun to impress potential openSUSE users with. Perhaps one day someone will put it on openFATE and it’ll come back, with 32-bit support, and distro customized KDE themes :’(

Somebody has to do the work and maintain them though (just as for a 32bit distribution). As long as nobody does that, you can write as many openFATE entries as you like…

Anybody can easily create one on SUSE Studio though…

Good to know then - so Leap 42.1 will be more like 13.2 and not SLE 12 in that we’ll be able to make LiveCDs and not just VM images in SUSE Studio?