live usb vs bootable install usb

I have a bootable live usb for 13.2. System boots to USB allowing me to check/repair os on harddisk and alternately install to harddisk. When I run from USB it uses about 6GB of the 16 GB usb flash wasting 10GB. If I understand things right, as of Leap 42.1 there is no dual purpose live/boot funtionality so you need to choose to make a bootable os or a bootable installer is this true? Second, I came across pages that suggested one might repartition the usb to make a bootable os and a data partition readable from any os but this doesn’t appear to be my objective. I am looking for a way to boot the usb as a runnable os with the full 16GB for one of Leap 42.2 or 42.3 where I can mount the normal existing hdd for inspection or fixes inclusive of being able to install the os to the hdd on the system should the need arise. Someone please clarify. One PC uses legacy boot but my newer one uses EFI boot so I can envision protection mode issues. Thanks

The Leap 42.3 DVD Installer is not a live DVD but all you need to do is copy it to a USB stick using SUSE Image Writer and you have a bootable DVD.

So you cannot ‘run’ Leap 42.3 from the USB, only from a hard drive. You can choose legacy or EFI boot at installation using the same installation USB.

Ouch! Serious downgrade. Pointless to ask why the powers that be would depreciate the Linux experience so much. They do what they do. That option is great if your goal is to install fresh but a major disaster if you want to mount and fix a problem. Guess I need to look for another distro for live on usb resources, or just keep 13.2 around for system critical fixes. Unfortunately, Teamviewer can’t be used on 13.2 because of missing dependencies. Not sure if nomachine will work in 13.2 or if I have to upgrade to 42.3.

An old vista machine that the os failed on is currently being run off a bootable usb of 13.2 and the objective is to salvage important data with testdrive under remote desktop control 3000 miles away because the recovery is beyond the current capability set of the owner.

GeckoLinux Is OpenSuse setup for live USB’s

wow, fantastic the hype suggests GeckoLinux is the ticket for emergency and fault intervention.
1. based upon Leap 42.2 stable
2. has a kde5 stable desktop
3. runs from a usb drive
4. seems to have either installable testdrive app or comes with testdrive (not sure on this one)
5. appears to be able to use either nomachine or Teamviewer for remote desktop control

kudos for the answer