Live USB for Mac

Might there be a live USB version (of Leap or Tumbleweed) that runs on a MacBookPro? Not specifically for installation, general use. If not, of any version of Linux?

@ionmich sure, any of the current live USB releases will work, on the MacBook, just need to press the key combo Command (⌘)-R to get to the efi boot menu and select the device.

Thank you. I will try it.

Even if it doesn’t have an Intel CPU?

@mrmazda it won’t but will find out… MacBookPro is the intel era…

I downloded the openSUSE 15.4 XFCE live iso and md5sum checked it. Then

# dd bs=4M if=openSUSE-Leap-15.4-XFCE-Live-x86_64-Build31.185-Media.iso of=/dev/sdb conv=fsync oflag=direct status=progress
956301312 bytes (956 MB, 912 MiB) copied, 91 s, 10.5 MB/s962985984 bytes (963 MB, 918 MiB) copied, 91.8827 s, 10.5 MB/s

229+1 records in
229+1 records out
962985984 bytes (963 MB, 918 MiB) copied, 92.0721 s, 10.5 MB/s
[root@office DOWNLOADS]# 

With the USB inserted I started the Mac in recovery mode. It offered four choices.

Restore from Time Machine
Reinstall macOS Monterey
Disk Utility

I chose the last and clicked on Kingston Data USB. It offered three choices.

First Aid

None of which led to booting, only modifying the USB. What might be my next step?

The USB does boot on my desktop.

@ionmich that’s the wrong menu. then try a different key combo to get to the boot menu (images). On my MacBook (Circa 2007) power on, hold the option key and keep tapping the R key.

It’s a Swedish keyboard and several attempts produced the result using ALT+R. Many thanks. Now on to mounting. Next topic.

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