live cd login RESOLVED

user name and password?

OK linux must be the user. I’ve tried root and user and no password and it seems to start loading the desktop and then goes back to login. Im feeling really retarted right now. First time with suse. More xp with debian.

Alright, it looks like linux is the user. da! and there is no password. can login to all desktops but kde4. Running azus mobo with pentium III and 512 ram. is that not enough for suse? because I’ve ran the kde4 live cd on that box and it ran fine. Any takers on this one?


This says can’t login from live CD:

can login to all desktops but kde4

and this saya can login from live CD:

I’ve ran the kde4 live cd on that box and it ran fine

So we’re probably a bit confused here. Please clarify.

sorry I was trying to work it out while I was waitng for a response. I can login to twm and icewm but kde4 starts to load and goes right back to login. I’m goin to try to reburn with nero in windows and see what happens. I used k3b to burn the cd so maybe its a bad burn. sorry for the confusion.

swerdna, or anyone. I’m a little new to linux. I’m using an voodoo 3dfx video card on the machine I want to install suse to. xorg picked the vesa driver. I know the card is old, but is it too old for this install? the cd boots up fine with kde4 on my main computer so I don’t think it’s the cd burn quality. Is there possbly a driver I need to have installed to use the voodoo card? As I stated above the system I’m installing to has a pentium III processor and 512 ram. Thanks in advance if anyone has some suggestions.

Edit: I’m a dummy, I scrolled down a little farther and I guess it did find my video card and the driver “tdfx”. Will kde4 really not work with this card?

Is this the situation: you have a PIII where you’ve installed KDE4 off the full DVD but can only get a display if you use twm and icewm — and another computer called the “main computer” where you aren’t installing Suse, but it will come alive to the KDE4 live CD?

Actually swerdna I was trying to just run the live cdfrom the computer that has the pIII, which for some reason will not load KDE4 using an old voodoo 3D fx card. So what I did was installed everything for kde 3 while using the icewm desktop from the live cd, and then installed to hdd and logged in using kde3, which is just fine for my son. The “main computer” I was talking a is my computer running AMD 3300, 1.5GB ram and Nvidia 5200 which loaded kde4 from the live cd just fine. I really like the look and feel of the new suse, but not too familiar with rpm based linux but wanting to learn more. I guess I’ll have to get a new video card for my sons computer to play arround with kde4. I’m out of disk space with sidux mepis and windows xp on my computer. Sorry for the confusion and thanks for the response.

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I understand. Buy a new video card sounds good. Maybe check the minimum required hardware specs for KDE4 in Suse too – could save you spending good money on equipment bast its use by date :wink:

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I think not resolved - I have a HP computer, bought within the last 12 months, which boots fine with Mandriva, Ubuntu and Fedora liveCD’s (Fedora 64-bit). I have over 3GB RAM and the specs should be fine.

Suse 11.1 KDE live CD takes me to a login screen - it is not enabling the graphics driver, so I’d just hope it could manage a basic video display - which it did. A login screen!!!

With ubuntu, the login screen counts down to auto-login, but with SuSe it simply sits and does nothing.

Any ideas?