List of previous Tumbleweed ISOs

Hello guys, as you may have noticed from other posts, a lot of people are facing problems installing the latest Tumbleweed. For me, the installer always stucks on Disk Preparation, no matter my various installation choices (nomodeset etc.)

One solution that has been proposed is to install Leap and then upgrade to Tumbleweed. Unfortunately, this is not a option for me because I’m installing OpenSUSE to an old x86 laptop and Leap is only available in 64 bit.

So, I was wondering if there is a way to find a previous net ISO, from May for example. I 've searched but to no avail. Is there such an option?

Thank you.

There isn’t any point to doing this. It will install the same Tumbleweed as the most recent NET iso.

That’s the way the NET installers work. They install what is currently in the repo.

You obviously didn’t read what I wrote. I of course know what net installers do. But there is an issue with the latest net installer that disables me (and other people) from installing openSUSE in the first place. It has nothing to do with the packaged being downloaded because it never reaches that step. The installation stucks during the creation of the disks (i.e.

So, my question was whether if a directory with the previous net installers exists. Not if there is a point in doing this nor what does the net installer do.

This still wouldn’t help you, as the NETinstall CD just downloads the actual installer from the current repo as well.

PS: an option might be to install 13.2/32bit and upgrade from that.

You might also double-check 64-bit support.

IIRC 64-bit CPUs were introduced sometime approx 2002. In the beginning, there were relatively few, but in almost all cases a 32-bit OS was installed anyway. The big problem up until approx 2010 was that device drivers for nearly all other hardware in the system besides the CPU was still 32-bit and 64-bit drivers nearly non-existent.

Approx 2008, both Intel and AMD stopped shipping 32-bit only CPUs completely, regardless what OS was installed, all delivered were capable of 64-bit.

So, today a lot of systems which originally were installed with 32-bit OS can now run 64-bit.
Just look up your CPU on Intel’s or AMD’s websites.