LIO iSCSI target setup error

Setup of LIO iSCSI target on Leap 15 brings strange error.
I’m trying to create LUN in Yast2 from LVM volume and get an error “Please provide a normal file or block device”:
The LVM volume is /dev/vgs/iscsi01:

The screenshots here from unfortunately are not shown:(

When you copy/paste the URL from a page on, they are just that: an URL that points to an HTML page with an image on it. Thus you post them using the URL button (the button with the Globe).

Whne using the IMAGE button, you have to enter there the URL that points to an image (which will then most probably end in .jpeg, or .png, or .gif, but that is not the deciding factor).

I hadn’t set up iscsi for awhile so decided to take a look at what exists now.

The first thing I noticed is that you’ve set up a LV called “vgs” which is recommended best practice but as far as I can tell, isn’t described in documentation for openSUSE (non-existent) or SLES (what I found was SLES 11 which is a bit dated but seems to fit LEAP 15). Since YaST doesn’t set up this LV, I’m wondering how you set up this device and what documentation or guide you’re following.

Aside from knowing more about the source of your current effort, you may want to take a look at the following SLES documentation that describes various recommended ways for setting up a Target. I also set up a small test in one of my virtual machines and had no problem deploying a CDROM as an iSCSI device using YaST, but of course that was also not set up in a LV. Maybe that’s the diff, but you can try the other 3 methods besides YaST to see if any of them work.

Another possible error although I think would throw a different error is your LIO device name… There are more configuration parameters to your iSCSI target than what your screenshots show.


Open bug report. YaST is using Ruby File.ftype which does not follow symlink; and LVM “user friendly” names are symlinks to /dev/dm-N. See

    file_type = File.ftype(file)
    if (file_type != 'blockSpecial') && (file_type != 'file')
      Yast::Popup.Error(_('Please provide a normal file or a block device.'))

Created the Bug 1123316