Linux friendly webcams

I was looking at some Linux friendly
webcams. I found some Phillips ones
that were supposed to work, but I was
not sure.

Could you please help, looking for one
for this Christmas.


Hardware for Linux - Webcam type

Thanks a load… lol!


Creative Live! Cam Optia AF works on openSUSE 11.0 with luvcview and mplayer (all I’ve tested so far).

With my now having a Phillips (supported by the kernel) webcam and a lapotp webcam that uses uvc, and my mother having an Intel webcam that uses gspca, in terms of compatibility with the various Linux software that is available, I prefer the webcam that uses the gspca driver.

Are these both compatible with (Linux)

I don’t use Skype.

Just a note in case you did not understand my 1st post in this thread, when i say the Phillips that I own is supported by the kernel that means it is compatible with Linux. When I say my Dell Studio 15 laptop’s integrated webcam is supported by the uvc driver, that means it is compatible with Linux (as the uvc driver is a Linux driver). And when I say my mother’s Intel webcam is supported by the gspca driver, that means it is compatible with Linux (as the gspca driver is a Linux driver).

Type “opensuse webcam” in google and the very first hit you get is this:
HCL/Web Cameras - openSUSE

Read that page!

You will see a compatibility list for:

Google is a tremendous resource for helping Linux users who do not have neighbours/colleagues with whom they can ask questions (and where the manufacturers do not provide Linux compatibility information).

Thank you so much. And the Google thing,
then why don’t they support “Google Talk”
with Linux among other things