Linux equivalent to foobar2000?

In Windows I used to use foobar2000 ( for converting audio file formats. It was fast and could virtually convert any audio format to another audio format.

Now that I’ve migrated to openSUSE, I’m looking for a replacement. Can anyone suggest something.

I know the CLI ffmpeg utility can do this job. (This should already be installed). You may also want to check out a graphical (gnome-based) app like soundconverter. You can install the latter via webpin. Its in the Packman repo.

Just tested and it runs in wine (see my sig for help)
There are alternative for Linux
Linux alternatives to Foobar2000 |

+1 for Foobar2000 running in Wine I use it alot with various addins installed.

Also use MP3tag running under wine with no problems

Great. I too use MP3tag so the fact it runs under wine is good news .

A good one to use is audiokonverter

PackMan :: Package details for audiokonverter

this adds a right-click option - so that you can just click on a file and the option to convert it to another format comes up.