Linux command lld


The command ldd prints the shared libraries required by each program or shared library specified on the command line.

Which RPM will install that lib or command?


On 06/30/2012 09:26 AM, swerdna wrote:
> Which RPM will install that lib or command?

/usr/bin/ldd exists on my 11.4
YaST tells me it came from perl (The Perl Interpreter) 5.12.3
and, man ldd explains its use…


It is also available on my 12.1 system.

May I suggest that you made in the terminal the same typo as in the title of this thread:* lld instead of ldd*?

I get the following

rpm -qf /usr/bin/ldd

Thanks – I found it where you said it would be

Yes, I did, the up arrow confirms it.

> title of this thread:- lld -instead of- ldd-?

wow…i didn’t notice the variance…but did wonder why he didn’t have
an ldd…