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I am technical writer / author and have finished one of my books, a Linux Book, that addresses mainly beginners and shows the first steps with Linux as well as the different distros. Since I am using openSUSE, I have also put some information about it in it.

Anyways, the book is for sale on various book stores, but I also wanted to offer some free copies to the community of openSUSE. Well I am just not sure, what would be the best way to do it. I have been looking for some contact info, to mail to, but I did not find anything useful, besides links to the Wiki, Documentation and forums.

So if you have any ideas or recommendations, please let me know.



Hi Ben
The Project or Marketing mailing list I would guess…

Or email the openSUSE Board, board {at} opensuse {dot} org


thanks for the quick reply.
Gonna try that… Thought about like 50 copies… maybe for new SUSE users or new forum users.
As I said, I have no idea about how this would best be done. Seeing you are a forum admin, maybe you have one. :stuck_out_tongue:
Well, I gonna mail the board and check out the mailing lists too. I am on some, but I am not on the marketing one.

Cheers and thanks again,


Hi Ben
The board would be the best bet, they can point you in the correct direction for your generous offer :slight_smile:

So be it then.
Just dropped of a mail. Thanks for the quick reply.
Time to go to bed…

See you soon,