Linux blocked from GoToMeeting?

Anybody able to join a webinar on GoToMeeting? They seem to have abandoned Linux users, but I hope there is a workaround. Used to join them all the time.

Sure you have Packman enabled and proper codecs installed ?

Yes, Packman repo is enabled and updating. Not sure which codecs are needed, but I installed the proprietary set. It seems like just last week I had joined a webinar on gotomeeting, but it may have been longer ago.

According to the current info on the GoToMeeting website

And more fully described in the following relatively recent article (a year ago)

Linux is now supported only through HTML5, and preferably using a Chrome/Chromium web browser (YMMV using any other web browser).


Thanks for that link. It looked promising but when followed in search of a Linux version it ended with

Unsupported Operating System

     The GoToMeeting desktop app is available on Mac and Windows only.

That strikes me as odd because I believe the number of Linux users is significant. I guess I’m banished from GoToMeeting as I have only Linux computers. Perhaps their loss will be greater than mine :slight_smile:

The Linux app is no more.
Instead, you’re supposed to open a web browser (recommend Chromium) to the web address described in the second reference.


Thank you.