Linux 6.6 doesn't boot on my workstation

@malcolmlewis Not yet, will try it tomorrow.

Latest tumbleweed snapshot here.
I installed the hard way and got similar issue like the op.
I used the installer.
I reinstalled the driver and before rebooting I did dracut -f`
then reboot and I finally got my GUI back.

As an aside, this new .run file has a nice additional/new installer features.
And oh, malcolm 6.6.6. is his lucky number :grinning:

@malcolmlewis Same problem with 6.6.2…

@myswtest ooooh it’s in snapshot 20231212… :imp:


@malcolmlewis wrote:
@myswtest ooooh it’s in snapshot 20231212… :imp:

I should wait for the next kernel update!

Hehe, I did the dup and the next day (today) I won one free lottery ticket and 10 bucks.

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