Link two PC's together with Ethernet cable to transferLeap 15.2 (complete or ??)

Yes connected to network( both show in router attached devices when they are running )

Oops, I didn’t remember to ping each other, my bad. I WILL DO THAT!

Firewalls are not blocking port 22, but I will check again.

After scratching the last of my hair off, I finally got it back.
Both were on the network & ping did it’s job on both machines.

But for some reason I had to go into firewall settings and add ‘ssh’ to public zone.
Then from within YaST firewall settings under ‘Start-Up’ I selected ‘Restart’ in the ‘After writing configuration’.

Maybe all I needed to do was the ‘Restart’ of the firewall within YaST, but I’d think restarting the OS several times would have taken care that.

Both machines then accepted the Network work I had done that failed.

So they are both talking to each other again.
I do not remember having to do either of those with the 1st install of Leap 15.2 on that HP AIO machine.
And I am confused as to why!

Good work Bill. Thanks for the update. Not sure why you needed to adjust the firewall, after you already had this working, but glad you managed to retrace your steps and find the cause without too much effort. ������

BTW, with respect to firewalld, I find the firewall-config GUI the most convenient way to configure the firewall. It is supplied with a package of the same name. The YaST firewall utility is a little basic and klutzy for my liking.