LILO Not Support..

LILO not supported?

Does anyone know the diff between GRUB and LILO?


asnbd wrote:

> LILO not supported?

Yes, that has been the case since 11.1 (I think).

> Does anyone know the diff between GRUB and LILO?

Yes, but you’ll have to do your own googling and reading.

Per Jessen, Zürich (14.9°C)

LILO is not typically used and was an older type of technology. You can read up on it here:

LILO (boot loader) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

By default, Grub will be selected which stands for GRand Unified Bootloader, it is also known as Grub Legacy. That is because there is a newer Grub version out called Grub 2. Grub 2 is included with openSUSE 11.3, but Grub Legacy is selected by default and in general we recommend you stick with Grub Legacy as we will be able to provide the most support here should you have any boot loader issues with openSUSE 11.3. Grub is the operating system selector and the first code loaded by your PC at startup that understands how to load file system and boot operating systems. You need Grub if you have say Windows and openSUSE on the same PC. Grub is required if you have only openSUSE, but you could set it to display no menu and immediately start openSUSE if you wanted to.

For Grub Legacy information (the default in openSUSE 11.3) you can read about it here:

GNU GRUB Manual 1.98-r2508

To read up on Grub 2 you can look at:

Manual - GRUB Wiki

Please let us know if you need anything else.

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