Light installation for battery consumption

Dear all,
I am quite close in getting a new ultrabook for my work (traveling a lot).
I would like to ask your advice which X environment (kde,gnome,xfce) seems to be lightweight for battery extension ( I assume that something simple will utilize less the cpu)

One more thing I have heard for linux flavours that can load everything into memory and shut down the hard disks completely. In that case I assume the battery will be extended… Have you tried that already with opensuse? Is such a customization ready?

I would like to thank you in advance for your help


My experience - some might disagree.

I had LXDE on my laptop because I really wanted as long a battery life as possible. I then switched to gnome - noticed no difference at all in battery life. Unfortunately the biggest difference to battery life in Linux, is installing the proprietary drivers which deal with power management properly (the opensource drivers for my laptop don’t support power management at all yet - cant wait for when they do!).

Supposedly Slitaz loads the entire kernel into memory and runs from there, however I dont think it loads all installed programs and all documents into memory, so if you are actually doing any work on the ultrabook the hard disk would be in use anyway. Slitaz is a great distro by the way, but probably doesn’t have the drivers for band new hardware as its targeting older hardware. If you want to get the same effect on openSUSE, install laptop-mode which reduces disk power use enormously in my experience.


Thanks a lot for your answer :slight_smile:
Do you know any reseller that sells ultrabooks installed with linux (and thus all the hardware working with it?)