Life 13.1

Is there a target date for Life based on openSUSE 13.1?
Thanks, Do

Normally a release is supported for 18 months, which would be May 2015.

But for 13.1 the Evergreen project will provide further support after that, the current plan is until November 2016.
See here:
openSUSE:Evergreen - openSUSE

I think the question was really about “LInux For Education” (a version for 13.1).

Yes, I think you’re right.
I read “Life 13.1” as in lifetime of 13.1… :shame:

Well, in that case I don’t know either, sorry.

Right! a version of Linux For Education for 13.1
But the lifetime for 13.1 is valuable info also. Thanks, Do

The 12.3 version of li-f-e came out about 2 months after the release of 12.3. You should probably expect a similar delay for the 13.1 version. As far as I know, the li-f-e version is created by a separate group, and they cannot start their integration project until the main opensuse release.

Thanks, Do

FYI, openSUSE Education Life 13.1 has been released now already:
openSUSE Lizards