Libxine package conflict (suse 11.0 & KDE4.1.1)

Trying to update from packman. I get the following notification which I do not understand. I have searched this forum and google and cannot find it mentioned. Here is the message: obsoletes xine-lib provided by xine-lib-1.1.15-4.1.i586

Conflict Resolution:

x - downgrade xine-lib to libxine1 (see above)

x - do not install libxine1 (see above)

Either choice produces further conflicts. Any suggestions.

Version information in title. No other major problems. I do updates from OSS, NON-OSS for Suse releases and Factory for KDE. Seems to run pretty smoothly except I would like to get these 50 or so updates from packman.


Yea, I had that problem too.

What I had to do was manually uninstall xine-lib and install the most recent version of libxine1

If you are installing all the codecs thru 1-click-install, cancel, uninstall xine-lib, and install libxine1, and I think that should fix your problem.

Hope it helps

That worked. Thanks. Trying to downgrade through Yast produced more dependencies and threw me off.

Thanks for the help.

ditto. Just removed xine-lib, added libxine1. I think it is a bug.