libusb-devel question

yeap its me again, theres a lot going on right now with this fresh TW install. I need the libusb-devel library (need to find the /etc/udev/rules.d to be able to install and use the Xilinx usb 2 plataform).Why? beacuse this device is not recognize at first and I need to edit and compile a driver for this device. Here is the problem, I cant find the libusb-devel library ( I checked yast2 and I already have installed libusb-1_0-devel) and when I tried to compile driver the usb.h error shows up.
1)Where can I find libusb-devel? Did it change name?
2)if I have installed libusb-1_0-devel, why I have the usb.h error?

Thanks for your help.

How is it checking for libusb development, if it’s using pkgconfig then it should find it, else you going to have to patch the files that look for it to;


Else install libusb-compat-devel which is libusb-1.0 Compatibility Layer for libusb-0.1, best to look at the file descriptions as they should point to the correct package you need, I think this solution should sort it :wink:

thanks for your answer. No problem so far.