LibreOffice KDE Plasma Integration gone with update to 7.1.3

Hey there,
With the update of LibreOffice to version 7.1.3 earlier this week the Plasma integration broke on my machines (one on bare metal, one in VirtualBox). Now the Gnome dialogs are used. Reverting LO to version 7.1.2 brings back the Plasma integration. Removing LO and the config files and then reinstalling LO does not help. So my guess is that this has nothing to do with LO config files in .config/libreoffice in home. Removing the packages libreoffice-gnome, libreoffice-gtk2 and libreoffice-gtk3 makes things worse. Does anyone know a solution to this aesthetic problem?
Thanks, Michael
Note: The packages libreoffice-gnome, libreoffice-gtk2 and libreoffice-gtk3 are not included in LO 7.1.3 in Leap 15.2.

The update from version to version, which I received today, solved the problem. The familiar Plasma integration works again. In my opinion, this is another piece of evidence that openSUSE is a very good distribution.
Thanks, Michael