LibreOffice 7.0 Upgrade?

Hi All

Is there a repo which enables LEAP users to get the latest stable versions of LibreOffice, e.g. 7.0 which has just been released?

In my older LEAP version I had a repo which gave bug fix releases & dot releases to LibreOffice compiled for OpenSUSE. I found it very useful.
There was also a bleeding edge repo which I wanted to avoid!

Many thanks


You could add the Libreoffice Factory repository:

or alternatively download an rpm package from Libreoffice’s website: (yes, the double download in the url is correct)

Hi Tannington

Thanks for your reply.

The Libreoffice Factory repo sounds like a better option if it works with LEAP.
Especially as any OpenSUSE specific preferences/options & future bug fixes, etc. can be applied.
I recall in the past that some distros had specific settings, etc. that were needed for some apps to work properly or at their best. So the official versions could mess up your app.

The LibreOffice official release would be less likely to include these (I know you can get in-app upgrades)?

Thanks one again.


7.0 is available as flatpak app.

Hi Tannington

I have added the Factory repo as mentioned above, referencing instructions from: Install package LibreOffice:Factory / libreoffice.

I did the following commands

zypper addrepo
zypper refresh

Changed the priority for the factory repo to 90 so it should supercede the standard OpenSUSE repos.

ISSUE: However I am still stuck on the standard 6.x LO. It’s not referencing the factory repos when doing updates.

N.B. I didn’t do the “zypper install libreoffice” mentioned in the website as LO is already installed (I presume this is not needed?).

Tried “sudo zypper -v dup” in case it was needed (this has helped with other issues in the distant past).
No joy.
BTW I did get an odd zypper error come up here though (selected “cancel” in case it would mess up the system):

Problem: problem with installed package libKF5LibkdepimAkonadi5-20.04.3-lp152.156.1.x86_64
 Solution 1: install libKF5LibkdepimAkonadi5-20.04.2-lp152.1.1.x86_64 (with vendor change)
  obs://  -->  openSUSE
 Solution 2: keep obsolete libKF5LibkdepimAkonadi5-20.04.3-lp152.156.1.x86_64

So I am stuck at the moment.

Any ideas please?

Many thanks,


Vendor is more important then then priorities these days . update will not go to the LO repo if you have not installed from there or changed vendor to the LO repo. Once the vendor change is made all further updates should come from the LO repo only. This is known as vendor stickiness. Note vendor=repo

Open YaST2-Software, go to the “Repositories” tab, select the LibreOffice Factory repo, click on “Switch system packages to the versions in this repository”, then “Accept”.

Thanks gogalthorp & OrsoBruno for your advice.

I missed the YAST2 option email & so ended up doing a libre-office install via Zypper.
Zypper is clever enough now to tell me what to do to change vendors & I could understand it!

Next time I’ll do the YAST2 option as it’s probably easier.

I now am working with LO7 which is what I wanted. Very pleased.

Much appreciated.

Thanks again,