Libreoffice 4.0 - when available?

Anybody an idea when libreoffice 4.0 will be made available on the OBS?

On Thu, 21 Feb 2013 09:56:01 GMT
DocB <> wrote:

> Anybody an idea when libreoffice 4.0 will be made available on the
> OBS?

I can’t answer your question but I feel I should mention that I have
tried out 4.0, both from LO site and an openSUSE factory repo and found
a bug in Calc. Formatting is faulty and requires you change settings to
recalculate formulae every time a file is opened. If you like negative
numbers to be in red, for instance, you’ll need to make this change.


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On 02/21/2013 01:03 PM, Graham P Davis wrote:
> I can’t answer your question

i can’t answer either, but i see here where it says the
next released version of openSUSE will ship with LibreOffice 3.6
because “Version 4.0 of LibreOffice was considered not yet mature
enough to be included in openSUSE 12.3”

so you may wish to reconsider the desire to include 4.0 in your
project–by the way, you probably should have asked this in the OBS
Fourm, here and you may get a
better answer there…why don’t you click the triangular “Report
Post” icon at the bottom of this post and ask a moderator to move
your thread to the OBS forum…do NOT post a new question in a new

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Actually LO 4.0 is available, but it’s in the UNSTABLE repo. “UNSTABLE” says it all.

UNSTABLE in terms of openSUSE adaption? ships it as GA, and not as beta…

Yes, sure.

> ships it as GA, and not as beta…

try it and see…then, tell us.


I tried both 4.0 beta from LO site (see and 4.0.something from UNSTABLE. Both work OK, only issue so far I noticed is the missing show-special-characters functions (the PI button, that toggles paragraph returns and such on and off).

The version from LO site installs in separate, so it can be used in parallel with the repo version.