no version information available after running zypper dup - can't start plasma


I’ve tried running zypper dup a few times over the past week and each time I cannot boot into plasma.

  1. I do not have auto login enabled - should boot to KDE login screen and i give my password.
  2. I have nvidia drivers installed from open suse nvidia repo (rtx 3090)
  3. When I boot I land in a black screen with just a mouse. I have to manually switch to TTY, then I can log in.
  4. I cannot start plasma in wayland nor x11, they both give errors like "/user/local/lib/ no version information available (required by blah blah)
  5. I have completely reinstalled libQt5, kde, plasma, etc. No dice

Any ideas? Or should i just snapper back and try again in a few weeks?

It seems i fixed this by simply clearing the /usr/local/lib directory which only had a bunch of these libqt5 files