I need to install for the installation of an older wine version (1.1.22. I need this for the bioinformatik program VectorNTI. This is the last wine version which allows to save files. When using any never version, the program hangs when saving a file).
I found, that this file should be part of the hal package. This is not the case.

Does somebody know, where I can get the library (for Opensuse 12.2)?

Thanks and best wishes


vodoo has it: is included in this package (under 11.4 that I can see). I would assume that it is in 12.2 package too.

Thanks lol!!
This hal package included I installed following package:
hal-32bit-0.5.14-66.1.x86_64.rpmAfterwards, I was able to install wine-1.1-22-openSUSE11.1.i586.rpm

Now, VectorNTI is working again.