libasound2-plugins ?

I seem not able to find the libasound2-plugins.

I’m running opensuse 12.3

Where can I get it ?


I am not aware of such a package for openSUSE.

What inside it are you looking for ? From what I have read, for some other GNU/Linux distros that package contains plugins for the ALSA library that are not included in the main libasound2 package.
ie one web site noted:

The following plugins are included, among other:

  • jack: play or capture via JACK
  • oss: run native ALSA apps on OSS drivers
  • pulse: play or capture via Pulse Audio
  • samplerate and speexrate: rate converters
  • upmix and vdownmix: convert from/to 2 and 4/6 channel streams

For openSUSE, I note upmix, vdownmix, speex are included in alsa-plugins. pulse has its own rpm. There is a separate alsa-plugins-samplerate rpm available, plus separate libsamplerate and libspeex1 rpms. There is also a separate alsa-plugins-jack rpm …

Many thanks for your reply to my query.

First, I have read your info once about using pavucontrol to handle skype.
I think it was so, but I cannot remember it?.

Do you have th link for it ?.

What I want is, that I have a weathersat receiver. The software does handle pulsaudio, and I want to be able to control the link between the wxsatreceiver and the the software for making the pictures from the sky.

I tested with skype, and what you have done, and I could see the link from skype to recording in pavu.

Here I have a link to another hamradio guy, but he uses Ubuntu, that has the libaudio2-plugins.
It shows what I need to be able to.



I found your article here:

Pulseaudio Basics for openSUSE with pavucontrol - Blogs - openSUSE Forums

Hope this will help to reply to me :wink:


libaudio2 ? libasound2 ? which one ?

The pavucontrol setup looks rather straight forward.

Where are you obtaining your gqrx rpm from ? From here: ?

It’s libasound2-plugins


Yes, I get gqrx from the hamradio repo here on opensuse, and for 12.3.

8 | home_dl8fcl               | home:dl8fcl (openSUSE_12.3)        | Yes     | Yes 


Did you find anything to me, that could help me ?

@ erikja, I don’t know what your problem is. You should be able to configure this with pavucontrol. There should be menu selections there for you to select.

I Couldn’t see which controls controlled what.
But by using Alsamixer, I found it out.
Thanks for your reply, and sorry for the delay in answering you :frowning: