lenovo yoga c640

So far with a Lenovo yoga c640, tumbleweed/KDE.

  1. installing sof-firmware will make sound work
  2. don’t install xf86-video-intel unless you like graphical glitches.
  3. touchscreen / stylus don’t work
  4. finger print reader probably doesn’t work (i’ve not actually tried it since installing tumbleweed)
  5. Touch pad sometimes doesn’t work and requires a powercycle to fix.

Anyone know how to fix 5? Clearly Tumbleweed can support the trackpad because it’s working at the moment, but I’ve had a couple instances where it doesn’t (Pressing the enable/disable trackpad button shows that it’s enabled or disabled the trackpad but makes 0 difference) it seems to require a shutdown then cold boot to fix.

I’m guessing it’s either going to be a firmware loading issue or a timing issue.

This is from a cold boot, i’ve not done much testing with sleep states.etc