Lenovo B560

Hi All,

My Old Lenovo R61i has just died, its fans been on the way out for a while and now batteries gone aswell so its time to go to silicon heaven

Ive been looking at a New Lenovo B560 (2gb Ram, 320gb HDD, Model number M489HUK)

I was just wondering if anybody was running one already? wanted to know if theres any installation problems with it? will be installing OS11.4 KDE

My R61i worked perfectly out of the box so i want something similar


If this model comes with optimus (intel+nvidia graphic cards) integrated intel graphic card should work but nvidia doesn’t work under linux.
Do not install nvidia drivers from nvidia repo.
Optimus support for Linux - nV News Forums
BIOS for LENOVO IdeaPad B560 - Lenovo Community

Wireless works with broadcom-wl packages from packman repo but you also need to blacklist acer-wmi.

Anybody got Experience with ACER Aspire 5552 Model number LX.R4402.076

I need something Cheapish but something thats going to work out of the box, Not bothered about stuff like Bluetooth and Webcam working out of box but Wireless is a must