led not open for wireless


i use suse 11.0 64 bits with a sony vaio
this laptop have a 3945 wireless card
it’s work great but the led is not displayed… with suse 10.3 there was not problem

any idea?


The iwl driver does not support LED

The older ipw driver does.

The older driver is not included in openSUSE 11, you could compile it from source, but it isn’t a very friendly compile.

iwl will eventually get status led support as I understand, but I find it a pity to miss my little light too… always gave a good indication of what the link was doing.

Hi. I have to say that iwi really sucks! I’m reading a lot of complains on the net. Really don’t understand why if something is running very fine (ipw3945), someone think to mess everything producing a worst solution. In my case sometimes it decides to turn on the led sometimes it don’t so i am in doubt if the net is on. But i have also to say that every time i have to use iwconfig to activate the wifi because neither network manager or kinternet would manage the card. And at the end the connection is very poor compared to ipw3945. So if someone knows any solution please post it! Thank you