Leap15 changed to Tumbleweed?

Leap15 + KDE

Somehow my installation of Leap 15 got switched to Tumbleweed.

During an update ~1300 files were downloaded and installed, the next boot was tumbleweed.

Reading some threads here, I notice this has happened to someone else.

I did a

  zypper lr -d 

and see a tumbleweed repo.

When running yast/Software-repositories, no window appears, so I can’t remove it.

My question:

How do I remove the tumbleweed repo using a command line?

Thank you.

You most likely used a one-click install for TW, then ignoring the warnings about repo addition etc. But hey, as you found that can happen :).
In the output of

zyppper lr -d

the repos have index numbers. To remove the TW repo, get it’s index number, and replace I_N by that number

sudo zypper rr I_N

Then run zypper dup.

But, if your install is with btrfs, you should be able to rollback to a previous snapshot, and make the changes undone. That would be much easier and quicker.

It happend to me tooday. The problem must be different then just a stupid one clic.
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Please provide the output from:

zypper lr -d

Use CODE tags to post that output. You can generate CODE tags by clicking the # icon in the heading of the edit window.