leap15.4 and kernel:stable vs kernel:stable:Backport, tutorial request

Hello Experts,

I managed to install leap15.4 on my old laptop, but got almost daily kernel crashes. I could not find any clue in the traces or by the operation executed at the time of the crash.
good news: based on earlier experience I managed to install a 5.19 kernel as multiboot. That seems to fix the problem for a week now :slight_smile:

All I had to do is:

what I found disturbing:

  • I found many outdated tutorials pointing to non-existing or renamed repos describing the technique.
  • I adapted that info to leap15.4 and failed when installing the kernel from kernel:stable. From the zypper message I could only guess the reason: kernel:stable does not work with leap15.4 !
  • I was not sure if that backport I then found was really meant to be used for leap15.4

my analysis:

  • Naming rules (I guess they exist) for repo-urls are not applied as strictly and generically as they were before.
  • Some tutorials try to use generic repo urls, but the given zypper commands of course dont work this way. A waste of resources, because the tutorials themselves appear correct.
  • kernel:stable appeared unexpectedly specific to tumbleweed. Are there more repos specific to releases without that being visible in their URL ?

I know similar issues from many software projects where release planning is not thoroughly done in advance (which is a hard job anyway).

I guess the experts are aware of that, I simply want to point it out my way in the hope it helps someone somewhere sometimes.

PS: another wish: I would have preferred to install a backported 5.18 because of the good feedback I could find. But for some reason it is not available in that backports repo anymore. Does that help anybody ?

As I wrote in the German Forum:
You can help and update the tutorials in https://de.opensuse.org/Portal:Wiki or https://en.opensuse.org/Portal:Wiki.

Same credentials as here.

As far as I know, this is because of the “usrmerge”. In Tumbleweed there is no longer any “/bin” (except a symlink to “/usr/bin”). That’s a major change to the file system organization. And, because of that, Tumbleweed kernels are no longer compatible with Leap. Once we get past the Leap 15.x series, I expect that to change.

kernel:stable is build against factory, so you have newer packages as in Leap and the most one is glibc.
If you install an kernel from kernel:stable in Leap, you will get errors about missing symbols.

Therefore kernel:stable:backports was build.

I use kernel:stable(:backports) now for years without problems, only a short time after switching to newer packages in factory and waiting for kernel:stable:backports.