LEAP automatic software updater

What is the name of the software updater that pops up, and how do I disable it?

Thanks in advance.

If you are using Plasma 5, then you can disable it in the tray settings.

I don’t know the name.

Searching for “update” in Yast software manager, I see that there is something called “plasma5-pk-updates” which seems to fit the description.

Plaese always tell from the beginning which desktop you are using. Specialy when your question/problem is a bout a typical desktop feature.

actually I don’t think it can be disabled in the tray settings.
Going to systray settings and unchecking “software updates” removes the icon but does not stop the popups from occurring hourly.
Doesn’t appear to be any setting within the updater itself to disable it - only to change the frequency (haven’t checked to see if this works yet.)

Yes - partly. For authentication nonsense I won’t go into again, the updater says my system is offline (it isn’t - wifi is connected). So icon is not showing in tray, but it is showing in “Status and Notifications”. I uncheck in systray settings, and the entry for the updater disappears from Status and Notifications. Re-checking the setting brings it back with the same phony status of “Your system is offline”. I’m guessing it does remove from systray. Maybe a separate authentication process is causing the three messages to appear…

If you are on a wired connection, this issue may not occur(?).

I have not had any update popups since unchecking that.

Sorry, I was careless. It’s KDE 4.14.10.

Now the wifi authentication nonsense is hopefully gone here - just had the first reboot without kwallet interfering or being asked for the passkey. After editing NM’s connection, I avoided logout/in this time round which seemed to cause authorization issues before (polkit related I suppose).

The updater immediately presented me with six updates that installed ok. I will wait on Leap to see if the hourly three notifications appear again. After that I can test disabling the updater, etc.

It doesn’t help to have this unstable Plasma 5 system tray where icons disappear leaving blank spaces e.g in the case of KMix and other sound volume icon randomly appearing or not. Now KMix won’t start and I have no volume icons in the tray (sound is ok though).

I get the same thing: Software Updates is unchecked in the systray settings. Icon no longer shows in the tray, but I’m still getting a more-or-less hourly notification that I have updates waiting.

As for the frequency setting, I had it on “Daily”, and judging by the occasional changes in the number of updates waiting, it’s checking several times a day. I just now changed it to “Monthly” and will see if that makes any difference.

Leap’s been running for almost two hours and no further good/bad updater notifications to report, I just made the updater check for updates, there were none, and it responded correctly.

BTW, I did not back out the troublesome polkit update, it remains installed. If the next reboot does not present any wifi authorization issues and/or updater failures, then I would say the polkit problem is now being avoided here, but will have zerp evidence that disabling the updater in systray actually fails.

How do you know if it is the same thing? @farcusnz didn’t say what his popups stated. For example, my three notifications were failure messages whereas yours are not. Are there updates actually waiting for you to install?

It’s probably apper then. Just uninstall the apper package and restart KDE, and it will be gone.

“Same thing” meaning that I’m also getting hourly nags even though it’s turned off in the systray.

And yes, per zypper, there are updates actually waiting.

I use this same notifier/updater on Tumbleweed and it doesn’t nag every hour with intrusive notifications. It only seems to complain when it can’t access the zypp back end when zypper or YaST uses it. Though I know it is checking more than once per day because the icon appears briefly. There, I use it as a notifier and update mostly with zypper, but never tried to disable it.

Once you install the updates it should stop nagging. Maybe it won’t fully disable while there are updates waiting (guessing), or maybe it’s a bug on Leap, and the system tray seems unstable to me. On Tumbleweed that has improved where Plasma 5 is more up to date. Anyway did you install the “security update for polkit”, that has led to authorization issues?

So far the updater is behaving itself here - no notifications and has not reappeared in systray but remains hidden until it finds updates. I will be surer of that later today after a reboot.

Either “apper” and/or “plasma5-pk-updates”

and how do I disable it?

Remove those packages using YaST. I also tend to remove anything with “PackageKit” in its name, although there are a couple of libraries that other stuff depends on.

(apologies iif someone else has already answered, but I got a bit lost trying to listen to/follow this thread.)

Which is, as previously noted, part of the problem in Leap. Despite being set to check “Daily,” it’s clearly checking more often than that. (No data on whether changing it to “Monthly” has stopped that check, as the notifications are still saying 3 updates, which could either mean it hasn’t checked or there aren’t any new updates.)

Or it might stop nagging until another update shows up.

And I don’t know if I’ve installed the “security update for polkit”. Does it have a more specific name I can check for? For that matter, does it even apply to Leap?

My notifications are telling me that there are updates to be installed.
Because I have locked polkit and am preventing it from updating the updater is constantly telling me that I need to update that.
It get the three notifications hourly even with the updater in systray disabled.

Issue seems to be specific to leap. If you haven’t yet updated polkit then systray will show an awaiting “security update for polkit”

I just tried installing the polkit update to see if it has disappeared as it has for consussed . . . but I’m still seeing the problem so rolled back again.

Issue seems specific to leap. I just tried installing the update again but the problem is still present for me so rolled back.
If you haven’t installed the update then the updater will show you that there is a " security update for polkit"