Leap 42.3 to 15.0 Post-Upgrade Issues

Hi everyone,

I did an online/inplace upgrade of Leap from 42.3 to 15.0 and now have a weird issue I can’t figure out and I was hoping someone could help with.

There appears to be instances of dbus-daemon, initctl, and systemd that are started under my user account (only one at a time) that appear in a “/tmp/{some random string}/{app name}”…with a .log and .res file in the same directory with the same app name. Those versions of the apps all have the same size (don’t have it available at this time) and take a lot of CPU cycles…and never stop. I can kill them just fine, or they go way properly after a reboot…does anyone know what is going on?


The magic post-upgrade tool is: “rcrpmconfigcheck” – you need to run this with the user “root” to clean up the system’s stale configuration files after the upgrade has completed.

The openSUSE documentation available here <https://doc.opensuse.org/> also has various bits of information about upgrading.
[HR][/HR]What I personally do after an upgrade is to also execute “zypper verify --details” and “rpm --verify --all” – the latter is more detailed and, one has to take note of the failure codes noted in the rpm man page section “VERIFY OPTIONS”.