leap 42.3 Maintenance

Sometimes when I boot I get a black screen that says “system in emergency mood”.When I reboot, it usually reboots properly.
I am shure the system ask for some sort of maintenance. When I get this screen again how shell I proceed? How looks the maintenance look like?Thanks for the help

The system does not reach Emergency Mode for nothing. There is something utterly wrong then. And of course you should then read the messages before ir goes into maintenance mode because they should say what is wrong.

In maintenance mode you can log in with user root and then try to repair what is wrong. And it of course depends very much on what is wrong. It might even be unrepairable (broken disk or so). So in that case you might want to ask help here (but we can only help when you report as exact as possible what messages were on the screen).

Strange thing is here that you say that after a re-boot things run normally because there is no auto-repair in maintenance mode. Looks like some hardware that fails now and then. In any case, when you want advice, people need information. What (error) messages are on the screen!

Now I have tried to reproduce the error, but everything works fine. It is only now and then that the system goes into the repair mode. I guess is is something with the file system .Can I check and repair the file system in maintenance mode 'If this is the case How?
Thanks again

I can only repeat what I said earlier.

When it boots correct after it booted into maintenance mode, something repaired itself, wich is unlikely done by software and certainly not a corrupted file system. IMHO it can then only be hardware related (something on the way to die).

When it is because of a corrupted file system, it will already have tried to repair it and failed. It will tell you. It will be impossible to get a correct boot after that without you doing any repair.

When it goes into maintenance mode because of a corrupted file system we might be able to help you, but again: we need the messages!

We also might be able to help you in other cases, but we need the messages.

In other words we, like most possibly you, are not clairvoyant and we need all the information the system provides in such a case.

Is this yet another default openSUSE Leap (Btrfs system partition) on a Laptop issue?

Please be aware that, the default system cron jobs which perform the Btrfs housekeeping tasks will only execute properly if the system is continually powered on – which is often not the case if the platform is a Laptop.

If you have a Laptop, with a Btrfs system partition and, it boots into the “Emergency Mode”, enter the password of the user ‘root’ and manually execute the Btrfs cron jobs located in ‘/etc/cron.weekly/’ and ‘/etc/cron.monthly/’. When the manually executed cron jobs have completed, reboot.