leap 42.3 fals to boot after several installs

hello wise people, i am not really good though i wish to be one day and i love opensuse. i tried installing leap 42.3 on an acer aspire one cloudbook 14 laptop via usb and yes i installed fine, at rebooting the OS was no where to be seen.i formatted to get rid of windows. boot loadre was installed successfully but could not start. it uses UEFI something am just reading about. at one point it wants to install the kernel,at one point the rescue system opts to boot the OS and it succeeds but this is when i use the usb image options, i need it to boot normally, this laptop uses flash memory . please give me some stepwise help, i will not shut it down because it wont boot.

Normally you can change the bios settings, so that you can boot without the uefi boot.Think thats the problem on your cloudbook.
Did you try this before installing 42.3 ?

Thanks for the help bro but i noticed that when i try to change the bios setting to normal and not UEFI the boot USB is not seen. let me reattempt and advise

My guess is that you may have been chainloading since Windows was already installed so when you removed your Windows you also removed part of your boot loading.

If you have a DVD, you can try a repair.

If that doesn’t work, you may have to consider re-installing…
If you <really> want to try to save your current install, you might try re-sizing your partitions to create some free space, install a brand new instance of openSUSE into that free space and then create a new grub2 entry pointing to your current openSUSE…

Remember, whatever you decide to do you should be able to save everything in your /home folder(or partition) by pointing a new install’s /home partition to your existing or copying your existing /home into the /home of another install.


many thanks mate, however i dont have a DVD available on this laptop and no external one, all i have is the usb stick. meanwhile when i change to legacy instead of UEFI in bios even the stick will not be recorgnised, perhaps i need a boot image on usb. lets try reinstalling. i will be back

I think that using a boot image on your usb, is a better way to get it done.
Let us know if its works otherwise there is help here on the forum.

The ISO is a boot image be sure to copy yjr ISO to the device not a partition on the device

People, please be aware, a “Cloudbook” means what it says – it’s a Laptop which is trimmed for the (Redmond) Cloud – with a 32 GB SSD …

I suspect that, a default openSUSE Leap installation with a Btrfs system partition will not be comfortable on this mobile device:

  • My suggestion is to set-up with a single “as large as possible” ext4 partition after the EFI and swap partitions have been set-up.
  • The thing, normally, has only 2 GB memory: I suspect that setting up with a 2 GB swap partition to allow hibernation may work but, coming with Leap 15 at least 500 MB has to be set aside for the EFI partition, and therefore I would recommend “forget hibernation” and set-up with a “as small as possible” swap partition.