LEAP 15 beta upgrade breaks WIFI?


Short & sweet, this time…
Did a software update yesterday (2018/03/22) and now I have lost my WIFI.
The hardware (PCI = Intel Pro 3945 & USB RaLink RT2870/RT3070) is seen in KInfoCentre but no interfaces seen in Network Manager or Wicked. Firmware?

Anyone else seen this?

Regards, Martin

See this factory mailing list thread:
Update to Leap15 Build 174.1 caused a broken system (no wifi, no YaST2)

Booting to a previous kernel should get things going. I assume this will be fixed soon.

Thank you for the confirmation.

Should have waited! Such a simple work-around.
Instead, half-a-day reinstalling! Dho…

Quick supplementary question if I may? If I keep upgrading this beta, will it end up as the official release? Or will I need to do a full install again?

Regards, Martin

Yes, just keep upgrading.

You should use “zypper dup” for upgrading. After the official release (and after upgrading to that), then revert to using “zypper up” (or your desktop update applet). Perhaps occasionally check for orphaned packages (it’s in the “package groups” view of Yast software management).