Leap 15.1 & Plasma

I am running Leap 15.1 with KDE Frameworks 5.55.0. I am running an old Nvidia GeForce 8400 video card and using the Nvidia driver. Plasma is not stable at all and especially not stable when using the Dolphin file browser. Computer slows down so badly I have to stop and restart the plasmashell roughly every hour. The computer runs fine after restarting plasmashell.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this?

Try turning off desktop effects.

Configure Desktop → Display and Monitor → Compositor

Uncheck the box “Enable Compositor on start”.

Then logout and login again, and see if that helps.

If that works, then you could also try – on the same settings screen: Turn compositor back on, but set the rendering backend to “XRender”. That gives you desktop effects in simpler way that may be more stable.

I checked the settings and I was still running Open GL 2.0. That seemed more than slightly dated so I updated to 3.5. At least for now that appears to work.


Wow! That solved my endless frustration about vagueness in windows and windows that show through other windows and the panels. What a relieve.

One of those “features” that someone inserts in a product and being so convinced that his invention is great and everybody will like it, that he makes it the default. And the poor user can then search endless where to switch it off. >:(

I looked at other places where it says things "switch off desktop effects’ or the like, but everything was switched off there.

But now I can see diagonal line that splits screen in Firefox when scrolling pages that contains rectangular shaded elements.

I do not see this, but I also do not know which pages you are talking about. Without an example I can not test this.