LaTeX -- hyphenation

Hi all.

My system is OpenSuSE 11.2, and I’ve installed pretty everything concerning *TeX from DVD distribution. Now, I’m writing a Russian text in LaTeX, and would like to switch “ruhyphen” on – that is, to make hyphenation work. Most articles found on the Web deal with “/usr/share/texmf/tex/config”-like directories, as well as “initex”-like commands – I found neither of the on my machine… What do you say?

ruhyphen is installed by default on openSUSE 11.2

I don’t use a special hyphenation package but I would guess you would need something like


in the preamble.

Hey john, thanks. I’ve learned that the file I missed so – langauage.dat – was in “/usr/lib/texmf/tex/generic/config”. Just edit language.dat, texhash' and texconfig init’ – and everything works.