Latest Tumbleweed refuses to install without nvme-cli which isn't on the distribution

I made a USB stick with openSUSE-Tumbleweed-DVD-x86_64-Snapshot20200701-Media.iso for install on NUC 10 with NVME disk drive

the only non-standard thing i did was I slid the partitions downwards so I could get > 35 GB for the btrfs partition.

I get to the end, and I’m greeted with:

These packages need to be selected to install: nvme-cli
Please manually select the needed items to install.

The install limits you to the repo on the USB stick and the file isn’t there.

Did I mess up or is the image incomplete?

I don’t have an nvme device, so I cannot attempt this.

However, this needs a bug report.

You will probably be asked for Yast logs. You would need to save those from within the installer. Use CTRL-ALT-F2 to get to a root command line to save logs. Then mount a suitable partition or another USB device and copy the saved logs to there. If this is a UEFI system, you can probably copy the logs to somewhere in the EFI partition.

While installing, there should be an option to enable online repos for the install. If you enable those, I would guess it can get the package from there. Again, without an nvme device, I cannot test that.

No nvme here too, but I have that snapshot installed in a VM and I can confirm that:
1 nvme-cli is NOT on the DVD
2 nvme-cli is available in the main OSS repo
3 if the system has an active network connection the DVD installer asks for activation of online repositories, which should be selected to access the OSS repo.

Those logs are copied into /var/log/YaST after installation.

Interesting, I’ve been playing around with zRAM and had my small swap partition deleted, just re-added and the YaST partitioner insisted installing nvme-cli (I do have an nvme device installed, but not booting from it). Sounds like a bug for sure since it should be able to download, or be present on the DVD for offline install.

It does not matter; YaST installs nvme-cli if NVMe device is present. This was added about a week ago. Of course, in this case it must be on DVD as otherwise offline install becomes impossible.

One of my machines has NVME. I performed lots of installs, but was never asked to add nvme-cli. However it is there and installs readily after finishing system installation. As a workaround you may try to add the online repositories and check nvme-cli:

That is exactly the issue! YaST added the requirement, but the file was not added to the DVD distribution.

I went back and added online repos, and the installation worked flawlessly.

For some reason, it didn’t add online repos when I first went through the install even though I had a network connection which is odd.

Luckily, that exposed the bug so I’ll report it. Thanks!

The new requirement to load nvme-cli was just added to YaST a week ago. If you add online repos, there is no need to manually check it, it all will happen automatically.

The bug was able to be exposed for 2 reasons:

  1. My install didn’t enable the online repos (even though i had a network connection), I had to go back to the online repos step and it offered to do this automatically when I got there.
  2. The file wasn’t on the disk.

So I’ll report #2.

Bernhard Wiedemann has already reported it, it was assigned to Dominique Leuenberger who has already fixed the bug.

Bugzilla – Bug 1173789

Boy, that was fast! I’m impressed.

That’s what makes openSUSE such a great distro.

By the way, thanks for bringing this to our attention.