Latest Kernel update a killer

latest update to 11.3 a complete failure afterwards on reboot I’m instructed that I must first install kernel and to strike any key to exit which return me to grub menu. thats it for me and Osuse. 11.3 has been one bug after another and to much for me overcome. I will return once a day to see if anyone can fix this/

Weird…the lastest update of kernel to me, seems my notebook is now faster than before and my LCD more vivid!!

Could you be more precise? Updating to 11.3, is that from 11.2, or do you mean you updated an installed 11.3? Without knowing what happens, f.e. some output/screenshots, nobody will be able to help you.

I just updated my laptop, reinstalled NVIDIA driver (I’m one of those “the hard way” people), all is well.

If you’re insterested, IMHO you could fix this using a LiveCD, but dropping in once a day will not make that a quick procedure.

Twas a 11.3 64bit update included a kernel update. With what I have now, I can’t boot up the system.
I’m dual booted with Kubuntu and can access the files via that op system. My system is amd 64 dual core 5200, Nvidia 9800gt, 4gb memory homemade. I still can boot into Kubuntu no problem.

Can you boot in safe mode? When you say can’t boot, what do you mean won’t start the GUI or nothing starts or do you get a command line or a blank screen? Have you pressed esc at boot start? Are you booting from kubuntu grub or Suse grub? If so try update-grub in kupuntu.

Can’t boot in safe mode. Get the same thing as mentioned "need to install kernel, hit any key to continue which take me back to the boot menu. Can boot into kubuntu. Can you tell me how to repair OSuse in the Kubuntu?

You can boot the SUSE live cd
then chroot to the installed system and start Yast and re-install the kernel

You know when yast performed the update, it appeared that everything installed correctly. I’m thinking the grub menu is wrong but? how do i list the chroot in cli?

It all depends on which grub (Suse or Kubuntu) is controlling the boot. What order where they installed?

Did you try update-grub in kubuntu? If Kubuntu grub is the controlled this will fix the problem.

sudo update-grub
to be exact

Oops forgot

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you… sudo update-grub a winner.

Next time be sure to be clear about who’s grub bootloader you are using!

Every time openSUSE has a kernel update - you need to do that in k/ubuntu: sudo update-grub